Art in Action. Creativity in Motion.

Join us as we explore momentum, and the creative explosion that happens when Art meets Science. Come play with things that walk, fly, roll, swing, slide, and dance. We’ll be investigating physical momentum and things that move—flying creatures, bikes, roller coasters, mobiles, Rube Goldberg machines, spirographs, and more!

We’ll also look at momentum in culture and community—as in the development and growth of social movements created by people. We challenge you to consider how small changes in your everyday life can lead to big impacts. What do you believe in, and how can you make it happen? Why do things move, and how can they make art?

Gallery Exhibit + Discovery Center

The Tsao Gallery will be turned into a dynamic, interactive Discovery Center and exhibit space that will evolve over the course of 2 months as a collection of collaboratively generated artworks come to life with the support of the local community. By using art-making as a means of scientific and creative inquiry, these free and low-cost programs will provide opportunities for informal science learning to community members of all ages. The exhibit will address our relationships with creativity and action as a physical and social force. The show will revolve around a collaborative public art installation created through a number of drop-in experiences at the Davis Art Center and local partner organizations.

Off the Grid

Back by popular demand! School children, artists, UCD students, families, and the local community will be invited to recreate one section of a large image that will beautifully come to life during the show; covering the wall with a vibrant scene from the Davis environment.

Kinetic Playground

How can wheels, gears, air, and bells make art? Swing and spin in our wall-mounted kinetic playground. Try your hand at a giant drawing machine, make some music with your friends, or design your own art-maker.

Moving Parts

Local artists Rachel Hartsough, Margo Mullen, Mark Rivera, and Camille Shea-Lichter will create a dynamic, collaborative mural installation using crowd-sourced ideas and images, and inspired by the exhibit theme of momentum. Return frequently to watch the mural develop.

Nuts & Bolts

The Davis community is invited to share their ideas of Momentum through photography, drawing, or written word. These examples of creative thought will become an image map that will slowly spread across the wall, documenting the progression of a shared idea. We challenge you to consider the following: What is momentum? What does it look like to you? How can small gestures make big impacts? Participants will also be asked to document examples of art in the Davis community, and to think about how we come together to define the creative culture of the place in which we live. Created with Tiva Lasiter.

Wheels, Wings, & Widgets

Conjure your inner inventor! Alexander Calder and Rube Goldberg inspire these hands-on action stations where you can experiment with physics and design by creating a dynamic mobile or wonderful chain reaction from recycled materials and small found objects. Baskets of dominoes, springs, small bouncy balls, tubes, cars, blocks, marbles, legos, used bike parts, and more encourage visitors to let their designs, imaginations, and engineering skills go wild. Created with Bekah Shepard.

Public Programs + Partnerships

Poetry on the Move

Working with Mimi Kusch, managing editor at Narrative magazine, a selection of momentum-themed poems will be placed in downtown Davis storefronts for shoppers, residents, and visitors to happen upon and enjoy. Be on the lookout!

Paint Bike Fun Mural

A downtown Davis bicycle mural at 3rd and F Streets is being created in partnership with mural artist Danielle Fodor and Paint Bike Fun to creatively explore the design and mechanics of bikes and the riders who love them, as well as promote safe and active travel. The project will culminate in a city Bike Fun Fest on August 17.

Arboretum Design + Launch Flight Derby

What do birds, bats, butterflies, and seeds have in common with rockets, planes, and spacecrafts? Join us at the UC Davis Arboretum to explore all things that fly! We’ll examine the physics of flight and momentum in birds, butterflies, seeds, airplanes, rockets and more. Try your hand at a variety of DIY flying crafts, and take part in a fun flight derby. This hands-on, creative family day is co-presented with the UC Davis Arboretum. All ages are welcome—children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Further details.
This program was developed through a grant from the James Irvine Foundation, and in partnership with the UC Davis Arboretum, Peregrine School, Paint Bike Fun, and the UC Davis Physics Club. Additional support provided by Genentech, Davis Downtown, The Paint Chip, Momentum magazine, BANDALOOP Project, and Hibbert Lumber. Exhibit and program design by Rachel Hartsough.

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